David Hartley LLC

"Helping small businesses and individuals with today's technology."

David Hartley LLC: Serving the greater Denver /Lakewood Colorado area!

Here is a sample of my service offerings for 2022:

  • Backup and Recovery services for your data: I will make recommendations for the best backup solution that meets your requirements

  • Troubleshooting of your existing solutions: email (Google, Godaddy, Office 360, backup and recovery/passwords/security), web site issues (G Suite, Godaddy, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and other hosting), domain issues, DNS issues, security issues, and more.

  • Web hosting for freelancers and other small businesses

  • Network configuration and security including modem, router, and firewall configurations

  • WordPress page design allowing you the owner to manage your day to day postings while I maintain the setup, management, backups and security of your site.

  • Drake tax software installation, configuration, backups, and management

  • Quickbooks software installation, configuration, backups, and management

  • Data security including malware removal and my recommendations for anti-virus, web browser security, computer security, and network security

  • Training on all of the technology that I support so you and/or your staff can co-manage your business technology.

  • Linux server support including Linux operating system deployment, web server management (Apache and Nginx), virtual private server (VPS) management, self-hosted email such as Postfix/Exim, Nextcloud, etc.

  • Email list management: MailChimp, self hosted, and others...

  • On premise computer and network support including: Firewalls (WatchGuard, Untangle, Pfsense), Routers, switches, modems, VPN, anti-virus/malware, patching and updates, software installation and support, Windows Server file and print, Active Directory

I look forward to hearing from you!

David Hartley, CISSP

Telephone: (720) 507-5020

Email: david@davidhartleyllc.com


Office/Postal mail:

David Hartley LLC

Suite 100 Room 12

12640 W Cedar Dr

Lakewood, CO 80228


"Helping small businesses and individuals with today's technology."

Find me on the web:

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